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The first Sanaa Theatre Awards 2013 was successfully executed on December 4 2013 at Alliance Francaise in Nairobi with the following objectives which remains for the 2104 edition.

  • To recognize and awards excellence in the field of theatre in 40 different categories including theatre performed by youth in and out of school.
  • To motivate youth in realizing their full potential and talent between that is innate among young Kenyans.
  • To support HIV/AIDS, Drug and substance abuse and other social malaise interventions among youth in and out of school through quality assurance and recognition of excellence in various interventions and to recognize the role of theatre in behavioural and health interventions in Kenya
  • To help improve quality, propagate creativity, and stimulate business within the theatre circles..
  • To mobilise human and technical resources to boost local content for entertainment, education and communication towards making Kenya a modern nation in tandem with Vision 2030.
  • To recognize the integral role theatre has played in the growth of film, music, radio, and TV journalism in Kenya since independence.
  • To mobilise theatre fraternity including academia, practitioners, producers, actors, policy makers and other players to reflect on the development of Kenyan theatre in the last 50 years and focused on the next 50 years